Casio G-Shock GDF-100-1B A short review

Here's a short review of my new Casio G-Shock GDF-100-1B.

The GDF-100 is a relatively new model and it fits in the somewhat larger (size wise) range of models Casio has been releasing lately. It shares the same strap as the GA-100/110/120 and GD-100 series. It was released in 3 colors initially (I'm sure more will follow): Black resin, red accents with positive display (GDF-100-1A), red resin with negative display (GDF-100-4) and black resin with negative display (GDF-100-1B). Only Casio will know why only the first two were released in Europe and the black/black one wasn't. Of course this was my favorite, so I ordered it in the USA.
It arrived in Casios new hexagonal black tin. Contrary to the old tin the watch is no longer upright in the tin, but on it's side. This makes it easier to fit the watch in, esp. the larger ones and the tin itself can be a little smaller.

I must admit that as I saw pictures of the GDF-100 for the first time, I didn't like it at all. The weird knobs on the left side of the case weren't my cup of tea at all. Again Casio made it difficult for themselves by releasing such crummy pictures. Rest assured, the watch looks way better in person. I still don't like the weird knobs, but on this all black model they don't stand out like on the other two models.

Apart from this I think it looks really cool. The orange circle looks a little bronze/rusty up close, which I think is a nice touch. I like Casio's new strap style with the double tang too. The display is a pain to photograph. It's way better readable than in the pictures. In fact, this is one of the best reverse displays I've seen so far. Naturaly it isn't as legible as a positive display, but I don't mind, because I think negative displays look cooler :-D

First, the display. The orange circle on the right shows the difference in height or in air pressure compared to the last measurement. In all functions the time is being displayed in the top display.
At first glance the functions appear to be the same as in the Riseman, but the Riseman has more functions.
The button on the right starts the altimeter function. Height is only being displayed, but not recorded (like on the Riseman). The mode button on the left troggles between the barometric function, world time, stopwatch, timer and alarm function. The barometric function shows the current measurement, but unlike on the Riseman nothing is being recorded here either. Values can be displayed in hPa or mm Hg (and m/ft for the altimeter function). The current temperature (in °C/F) is being displayed both in the barometric as well as the altimeter function.
Another cool feature is the LED-backlight. It's very bright and has a cool blue shade 

I like this watch - it's considerably cheaper than the Riseman, larger than the Riseman, but it has less functions. (3 year battery vs. solar on the Riseman). Still, I think it's different enough from the Riseman. Like on most Gs - good value for the money

... Thanks Micha for the share to Us..
a nice and cool pic also

SOURCE : A short review of my GDF-100-1B

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