Casio g-shock GW-9300 mudman review

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The new mudman arrived a couple days ago, and I wanted to share some impressions. Take a look ... and enjoy. (for more detailed info on functions check the official manual: Timepieces - Manuals - Support - CASIO . Big hello to mr DougFNJ, as it is his reviews that made me create this one!

1. Design / Appearance

Amazing design, definitely an upgrade over the last mudman. The compass “eye” pretty much demands by itself to be looked at, and the combination of colors stands on it’s own. The red and black combo always complimented each other, and with the shiny violet from the solar panel it just rocks. Actually it is not real black – it is dark gray. The accented button sockets point to sporty stopwatch-timer nature of the watch. Every part has been carefully manufactured for easy use and access, and the case is compactly enclosed and protected reminding you of the no-nonsense Master of G Series philosophy.

2. Functions / Operation

When I say upgraded, I mean it. The addition of compass, thermometer and moon phase display is a big step forward in comparison to the last model. Even the buttons are bigger and easier to operate considering the rigid mud-protection caps. Along with those three new goodies, the watch includes the standard time and world times, stopwatch, timer, five alarms, snooze, hourly time signal, and light with afterglow. Add in the shock and water resistance, atomic time keeping mode, anti magnetic sensor alloy and the tough solar charging and You get … a jaw dropping, feature-jam-packed piece of g-shock machinery. 
When not in use, in the normal time mode the compass actually represents the seconds in a graphical manner. The date and second current time can be switched on the display, by prefferance.
In the stopwatch mode the date is swithed to current time, so You can double track Your progress. You can measure elapsed time, split times, and two finish times. 
The timer is adjustable in 1 minute increments for up to 24H. When the countdown reaches the end, the watch beeps and resets the timer.
The compass feature actually is combined with the temperature – they both appear together on the display when the compass button is pressed, along with the numerical angle value. The compass mode can be accessed from any other mode, anytime, after which the watch reverts back to the previously activated mode (~20 sec). Just remember to hold the watch horizontally, and in the case of temperature reading, take the watch of the wrist for about 15 min (but hey … even five minutes can get the job done).
The moon data display indicates the current phase of the moon (moon age). The feature is adjustable in the manner of orientation - towards the north or south, depending on whether the moon is in front or behind You.

3. Readability / Light

The display pretty much shows everything in one glance – the time, date, and the day, along with the active background functions like alarm, hourly time signal and such. The digits are well distanced from the frame so the small shadows from the case won’t affect the readability that much, unlike the previous mudman which had the G atomic reception letter right in the middle and above the time digits, making it easy to misread the time. The exception in readability is the moon data which, due to the design, is almost always shadowed by the internal small ring around the data display. You have to take a direct look to see accurately. Being a normal – black on white display – in normal light conditions it is easy to read even despite the small shadows of the 3D case design, even if the watch is angled. The night light is very good, adjustable to 1.5 or 3 sec, and the auto EL with afterglow works perfect. If You opt for the negative display, be warned, the readability just can not match the normal display, despite Casio’s great advancements in negative display’s sharpness. If it’s for casual wearing just skip this little hint, but if it is for real frequent use stick with normal displays.

4. Dimensions / Weight

It has gotten a bit bigger, the 53x51x18 size outmatches the 50x46x15 from the last mudman. And I definitely like it. In my opinion it could grow even a bit more, to – for example, the size of the GA-100 series or slightly bigger, though not as big as the 1000 Frog. The reason being is the compass, which definitely could be bigger. Actually, getting additional width and height of the case could lower it’s thickness (to compensate) – and thus becoming more wearable. Thick watches tend to be a little annoying with your clothes on. The buttons are bigger, and that is a plus, and as such are much more easier to press, knowing that on a mudman the button operation is always a pain, when the watch is new (or until You get used to it). The rubber band is reinforced with carbon-fiber strap inserted inbetween rubber layers. The width of the band at 20mm is okay, but could get wider in my opinion. The one pin clasp is a miss, why shy away from the double pin clasp of the previous model? (thus the width of the band) C’mon it is a Master of G! The inside layer (towards the wrist) is transparent, so You can see the carbon reinforcement, and even the screws on the connection with the watch case.
The weight of 70g is just adequate – it’s not too much nor too little. This weight hides the bulkiness somewhat, but still has the substance to remind You that the watch is there.

5. Overall look and feel

Overall, a great watch, I would give it an 9 out of 10. The design is the best among mudmans I’ve seen. It kinda looks like the mudman strives to become a ProTrek in a g-shock uniform. No problem with me J if that is the case. I’d love to see it happen one day, afterall it is an outdoor action watch. Thanks to a phenomenal design it has a nice presence, easily attracts attention. Sits very comfortably on the wrist, even on the smaller ones. Being not too heavy, it is great for full day wearing, and pretty much for everyday active duty – sports, job carry, even casual wearing. The serious thickness could be an issue for some. The price is affordable (not overpriced as the Frog), considering the bunch of goodies this watch brings to the table. Start saving money because it’s bye bye old, hello new Mudman! Go and get it, You wont be disappointed.

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Credit for Mr Xader


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