Casio GS1100 G-Shock GIEZ Series

Casio Men’s GS1100 G-Shock GIEZ Series Multi-Band Solar Atomic Watch is a timepiece from Tokyo, based on the company’s best-known line of products, endurable G-Shock, which are able to withstand severe knocks and vibration.

This watch possesses the familiar toughness and reliability, associated with G-Shock series, but it also has a rather sophisticated look. The case design of this model uses the combination of stainless steel and urethane in order to achieve the best balance of its two major qualities – endurance and sophistication.

In order to insure the familiar toughness, the case design is reinforced with six screws at the connection points. The case of this timepiece is 47 millimeters in diameter and 15 millimeters thick. The material used to make a stationary bezel of this model is also stainless steel.

This watch has an analog display type and its dial window is made of a mineral. It also possesses a luminous coating which insures a long-lasting illumination in the dark, after exposing it to the light for just a short amount of time.

The ergonomic soft urethane band of the Casio Men’s GS1100 G-Shock GIEZ Series Multi-Band Solar Atomic Watch has a textured underside which provides better breathability and severely decreases a contact with the skin. The band is made of resin. It is black, and 25 millimeters wide.

This watch has a distinctive shock resistance, associated with the G-Shock, and it has a water resistance up to 200 meters. It also possesses light aluminum hands, reinforced by a brass ring that helps this model to function correctly, even after being exposed to massive impacts and vibrations.
Environment-Friendly Technology

This timepiece is designed for both, business and pleasure and features 1/20 second chronograph. The Casio Men’s GS1100 G-Shock GIEZ Series Multi-Band Solar Atomic Watch has a quartz movement.

The Casio’s product also incorporates environment-friendly technology of Tough Solar power, which charges the battery. Even very slight illumination from the fluorescent lighting can be converted to the electric power. All the extra power is preserved for later in the rechargeable battery with a huge power storage, which means that people who buy this product, don’t have to worry about the battery running down.

SOURCE : Casio GS1100 G-Shock GIEZ Series

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