Casio in space....

it's the DW-6900 1V

Searching for more reference about watches in space and because my interest for Casio's is again very high, I have buy the G-Shock Book you can see in the picture...

What I have find is some pictures of NASA/ESA Astronaut wearing Casio's watch.
You can see the DW-5600 (not the modern E version, but the early versions with the screwed back) and a DW-6900 that's is a surprise for me.
The picture shows some documents with models and brands choose and seems that the officla choice was for the DW-5600 and for the DW-6900.

I try to post a scan of the page and I have enlarged the portions about the models and the picture of the DW-6900.

I hope this will be interesting for you...!


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