*PRW is for Japanese, European markets
*PAW is for US, Canadian markets and the watches are branded as Pathfinder`s
*PRG is for the international market and does not have "Atomic" time sync. 

PRG-130T (positive display titanium)
PRW-1500T (positive display titanium)
PRW-1500YTJ (JDM only positive display black & metric only)

PRG-130Y (Negative display on black on strap, PRW-1500YTJ black Ti bracelet direct fit and much cheaper)
PRW-1500Y (Negative display on black on strap, PRW-1500YTJ black Ti bracelet direct fit and much cheaper, one imported from Japan will be metric only)

All the 130`s/1500`s

If you are looking for colour and style options in the Casio ABC line up, the PRG-130/PRW-1500/PAW-1500 offered one of the most varied lineups, they are best seen in real life as the colours are far more vibrant, than depicted in most online images.

PRW-1500YJ-1JF or PRG-130Y-1V

PRW-1500CAJ-3JR or PRG-130GC-3DR (Kawasaki Green if you can pull it off, a super looking sports watch)

PRW-1500CAJ-4JR or PRG-130GC-4DR

PRW-1500GB-1V or PRG-130GB-1VDR

(Japan only, if you see one outside of Japan it`s a JDM export, Casio.DE for example)

PRW-1500TJ-7JF or PRG-130T-7VDR

PRW-1500J-1JF or PRG-130-1VDR

All have full moon phase (8 segment, single step) & tide data & dual CDT

The PRW`s are listed out of Japan, Euro & US version have differing numbering sequences. Just go to for you regional site for more info.

PRG`s do not have "Atomic" reception, all Japanese domestic market (JDM) Protrek`s are metric only , however most barring the "YTJ" are available in different regions with both metric & imperial measurements. The Black titanium (Ion plated) bracelet off the YTJ can be sourced and will fit any of the 1500/130 range, making a more realistic alternative to the JDM PRW-1500J-1JF which is priced for the domestic market (expensive around $800) and metric only.

PRG-130/PRW-1500 has a 24hr Chronograph, yet the CDT is only 60 min, the logging feature is very poor for an ABC only recording only two values max altitude & user recorded altitude. Typically you would expect min & max total ascent & descent, even rate of ascent & descent from an ABC watch, if this type of data is important to you don`t buy a PRG-130/PRW-1500 as you will only be disappointed. Compass has declination correction, moon & tidal data, world time, solar powered with "Atomic" clock reception. The display has the smallest primary digits of all the present triple sensors, due to the amount of information presented on the display; Well suited to mixed activities marine/land, some shallow dive activities (200m WR) etc. Late models appear to be more accurate/less drift (altimeter & barometer).

My PRG-130 just kind of snook up and quietly clocked up the wrist hours. I always thought I would move it on, as it`s ability as a field ABC is compromised for several reasons (which I still standby), however as a multifunctional digital it`s become a very hard watch to beat, for work and generally knocking about, and it offers a lot of differing looks thanks to the numerous combinations of straps, and bracelet that can be changed quickly. I now have the PRG-130 GB & GC and the negative 130Y.


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