.... Casio Protrek quick shot comparisons ....

.... Casio Protrek quick shot comparisons ....

PRG-40  Series

- 40 first of the big screen Protrek`s runs on a massive power source of four replaceable batteries, feature set is now somewhat dated, lacking basics such as CDT & world time, however still a firm favorite with many including some military units. Still one of the very best digital displays on the market thanks to the extremely high contrast ratio and large clear primary & secondary digits. Only non solar triple sensor in production.

PRG-80 / PRW-1100 Series

- 80/1100 a true field watch in every sense, designed for Alpinists, mountaineers, trekkers, big and brutal virtually in "G-Shock" territory for durability/survivability. Released in 2005, getting a little old in the tooth with the feature set now feeling somewhat limited, due to the restrictive chrono & CDT one of the most highly rated & proven Protrek`s. One for those that absolutely demand a positive track record over several years of use in the field.

PRG-90 / PRW-1200 Series

- 90/1200 Essentially the same module and functionality as the 80/1100 with very different styling, now out of production although the watches can still be found on the market. Very much a stylistic exercise and one that you will love or hate.

PRG-110 / PRW-1300 Series

- 110/1300 has one of Casio`s more versatile modules in a slimline form factor, offering full ABC functionality, good logging well balanced features for timing events etc. Can now be found for very reasonable prices, although the selection of versions is reducing. Lacks the more brutal styling of the traditional Protrek`s.

PRG-130 / PRW-1500 Series

- 130/1500 is best suited for life by the sea with it`s moon & tide data, 200m water resistance and limited logging. Far too compromised to be considered a good all rounder, that being said in it`s element the 130/1500 makes sense and works well. Had one of the biggest selection of versions with seven different styles to choose from, with the negative "Y" version being the most sought after and reclusive model.

PRG-200 / PRW-2000 Series

- 200/2000 is very similar to the 110/1300 reintroducing the duplex display, (dropped on the 110/1300 & 130/1500) in the slimline form factor, adding the sunrise feature, the watch is more focused for casual wear than the 110/1300 with its smaller steel pushers and flush crystal. The 2000 has a new sensor which is both smaller and far more thermally stable than the majority of its predecessors. One of the best feature sets, well balanced and extremely usable much like the 80, only in a far less agricultural manner, generally more sophisticated albeit potentially for less serious use.

PRG-500 / PRW-5000 Series

- 500/5000 analogue digital ABC display breaks away from the norm. Casio`s most expensive ABC`s outside of the "premier" PRX line, the 5000 raises the stakes in fit & finish and the addition of the hybrid "Tough MVT" ABC movement all add to cost. The watch fly`s under the radar as an ABC, with most taking it for a typical sports watch. More in competition with Suunto`s "Elementum" than the more expensive PRX`s. All this and it still retains full ABC functionality with no loss of accuracy, not one for serious field work, a very different take on an ABC. PRG-500 is the non "Atomic" version of the PRW-5000, however be warned the PRG-500 also omits the "Tough MVT" hence the considerable difference in pricing between the PRG-500 & PRW/PAW-5000

PRG-240 Series

- PRG-240 looks to be a synthesis of the PRG-40`s style and the PRG-200`s technology and much more advanced functionality, making it realistically a replacement for the venerable PRG-80 and that`s a pretty tall order on any day. The 240 is without any doubt Casio`s new definitive field watch, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Casio`s implementation of the barometer & altimeter is unique and I guess now part of the Protrek experience. The 240 is a excellent choice for a field watch, time will tell regarding the watches durability, however I would be surprised if this proves to be a concern...

Protrek Quick Shot Comparison

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