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For anyone new to G-Shocks, the enormous array of model choices is mind boggling. It sure was for me when I first got started. So very often, people come to the shores of the WUS G-Shock sub forum exclaiming "Help me choose my first G-Shock!" This article should help you get started.

OK, time to get out a sheet of paper (or a word processor app) and start making your list of considerations for your G-Shock (there are MANY). 

Here's a general guideline you might want to follow:

Price: Do you want to spend as little as possible, just a moderate amount, or are you willing to go much higher to get exactly what you want? Price will govern what designs and features you'll be able to get and you may have to move the bar up as you start adding things to your wish list. Use Amazon and eBay history to get a sense of current pricing trends.

Intended use: Is your G-Shock intended for street casual, business casual, or to go with a suit? Is it more for outdoors or indoors? Are you wanting one suited more for hiking, swimming, or splashing in the mud? Do you want one that'll work well for all occasions?

New or vintage: You can easily buy new, but did you know that older models are still available (G-Shocks last), even vintage models from over 20 years ago? You can often get real bargains on depreciated G-Shocks--a great way to get your first one without spending a lot. But maybe you'll want to stick with new for your first one, to keep things simple.

Size and form: Do you want a big or small watch? Does a square or round shape appeal to you? Do you want analog, digital, or ana-digi? Does digit size matter to you (small, medium, large)? Do you want a heavier all steel cased screwback, or do you prefer a lighter hard resin cased model?

Basic functionality: Do you need just the time? Do you need a long stopwatch or CDT? Does loudness of the alarm matter to you? Does EL or LED back light appeal to you more?

Advanced functionality: Do you want features like solar recharged, atomic sync, moon phase, tide graph, altimeter, barometer, temperature, compass, vibration alert, or dive certified? Some models feature various combinations of these functions. If you want a full comprehensive range of features, you may have to go with 2-3 different watches to get them all.

Exclusivity: Do you mind having a common model, or do you want something distinctive? There are special, anniversary, limited, and very limited collaboration models available.

Once you know what you're looking for, then you can narrow it down as to the color theme (colors of resin, reverse or positive display, etc). There are often several choices per model. It's best to browse Riley's Watch Shock for an overview. Also, be sure to browse the Articles sub forum for all kinds of useful G-Shock materials.

Ultimately, you may find that one G-Shock will not be enough. So, don't think that you'll be buying one and you're locked into it for good. Also keep in mind that you can always resell a watch too. While it's nice to recoup all of your costs, if it sells a little less than what you paid, just chalk up the difference as your rental cost for having owned and tried the watch. Good luck!

Credit for Xevious - WUS Forum

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