Here's the GA-150. I've been too busy recently to lust after anything, watches or otherwise, but this G secured my attention when I looked at the Casio new releases page last month. I've always found previous ana-digi Gs like the GA-100 or 110 to be too busy... I like to glance at a watch and instantly know the time, rather than peering through oddly-shaped and coloured designs to try and work it out. 

So I could instantly see that this G would meet my approval, as the hands are well-proportioned, easy to read, and stand out nicely from the dial. The digital windows blend in to the dial in normal use, and I treat this watch predominantly as an analogue time-keeper with bonus digital functions. If the digital windows weren't there at all, I probably wouldn't mind.

Anyway, some tech specs as measured by me:

Case diameter: 51.5mm
Glass diameter: 34mm
Distance from center of lug screw to center of lug screw: 45mm.
Strap width at lugs: 28.5mm
Strap width at buckle: 22mm

The lamp is the usual LED which is great for illuminating the hands but not the LCDs. All buttons are easy to find and press.

Case and strap finish is matt black, without any of the sparkly or shiny compound of its more colourful brothers. The strap is more supple than most of my Gs, and is a real pleasure to put on and wear.

The digital functions appear to be the same as the other recent ana-digis with the speed indicator - personally I have no need or use for the sub-dial hand! And like all negative displays, the LCDs need to be looked at rather than glanced at. But in this instance, I'm glad they are negative. I like the all-black dial and silver hands for legibility.

You may have seen a couple of these daily WRUW pics before, but here they are in one place, plus a few more pics. Size comparisons are made with a 6900 and 5600 - I don't have any larger Gs like Frogs or Kings, but this wears similarly large to my PRG-200. It's a very manageable size on my 7" wrist, and the strap is sufficiently pliable to avoid too much wrist overhang or gap. Module number is 5255, downloadable here:

Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase. If you want a modern, large analogue G without any gimmicks, I strongly recommend it, as the LCD displays can be happily ignored if you want 


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