Well, I've been wearing this one a lot and really enjoying it. I'm surprised as it is actually the least expensive (brand new) G Shock I've purchased. First things first: the color. Well, let me help with a real life shot:

See how it is not the "Bright White" of some of the other G Shocks? No? Wait, let me show a comparison:

OK, better understanding? Calibrated to the colors with my camera? Good. That white GA-100 is my only one of that color. I'd call it a "Brilliant White" as in sunscreen. I have difficulty wearing this watch at work (semi-professional attire). The new G-Lide? passable. People see it, that's for sure! But I don't feel it is out of control in any way. Here is another shot:

Overall it feels like a distant relative to the "earth tone" or "Men In Military Colors" to me. Once again, based on Casio photos, I was unsure of this watch. Then I saw it in person, bammo. done. Because of this earthy tone it seems extraordinarily flexible. Wanna better view of the buttons? Here:

As is the case with the XL line up the buttons work well. No difficulties and easy switching of modes. Modes. This is module # 3295 and hopefully that link takes you to Casio where you can download manual and read to your heart's content. Let me point out a couple of things first: because it is a G-Lide it has moon phase (which I look at a bit actually) and tide graph (which you think I would use here in Hawaii like every day or something, but I don't). Let me show you a couple of cool things that are not obvious or mentioned anywhere:
#1. Have you been reading about some people living in parts of the US and elsewhere in the world here on WUS where their workaround for the home city is almost silly? I have. I can't remember who, but this watch does not have that issue. You set your home time zone based on UTC in half hour increments and DST is completely separate! I know, crazy. Well, here it is:

I know, I know: UTC -10. It wasn't a big deal before for me as Hawaii has its own time zone (HST) that is on all the other G Shocks I have. I know, that rocks too. We may not have invented UTC, but we are recognized!

#2. OK, this one is waaaay more regionally significant. And I mean HUGE. Familiar with home town rivalries? Cross-state rivalries? Well, in California it is pretty mega. And I mean at the Olympics Northern California vs Southern California for medal counts in all the California newspapers. Completely separate and above how the US medal counts are going vs other countries. Bring up a competition, and we're at it. I'm a NorCal kid born and raised. So I set my world time to my father (who still lives in NorCal) a couple of days before we talk so I know his schedule. It really irks me to have no choice but to pick LAX. Really, this irks. Well, Casio somehow became aware of their evil ways and sent out an olive branch to all their NorCal customers. Don't believe me? Check it buddy:

OK, OK. It makes asolutely no sense whatsoever. ALL of California is Pacific Standard Time and DST. So I don't know the reasoning, but I gotta believe there are other cities represented that were not there before. Worth a look anyway. Need another outdoor shot? Cool.

#3. Wanna see a cool party trick? I like this one and really enjoy it. OK, you've seen the face right? Quick refresher:

Turn the lights out:

WHOA! I love that. I do not get tired of it. I've seen that blue on other GShocks, but I love how the center band goes from bronze to white! 3 lights? I do not know. But I am not tired of it.

Credit for Chrisek - WUS Forum

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