Tough Solar

Tough Solar System

Solar watches are powered by light energy. The solar fields "catch" the light and transform it into energy. The CASIO Tough Solar System is now so advanced that even the weakest light sources are sufficient to operate the watches.

The solar cells are so small and inconspicuous that they can be integrated easily into every watch face design. CASIO's solar field can also be manufactured in any colour and design.

An accumulator in solar watches saves "superfluous" energy and releases it when the watch is in darkness. Solar watches are always equipped with an accumulator. The accumulator is charged automatically and does not require manual activation. 


Energy-saving function

Energy-saving function

If a watch is not worn for a period of time and is kept in complete darkness, the duration of the darkness reserve is important. 

CASIO solar watches have a darkness reserve of up to 24 months. This means that a watch can be kept in complete darkness for up to 24 months and still function correctly. 

CASIO solar watches are equipped with an "energy-saving function", which puts the watch into "sleep" mode when it is kept in darkness for a defined length of time. The display on digital watches switches off automatically, on analogue models the hands of the watch stop in the 12 o'clock position. 

When the watch is exposed to light again, it "wakes up" from sleep mode and displays the correct time. Even when the watches are in energy saving mode, they carry on working in the background.

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