DW-6900 Surgery-Guts And Vital Organs Exposed

DW-6900 Surgery-Guts And Vital Organs Exposed

I found a cheap 6900 a couple of months ago and later found out the illuminator wasnt working.

Whilst stripping down the watch i took a few photos of the guts of the watch.

First i thought there was a spring missing, so i made one from wire (as in a thread i made before). Being the first time i have properly disassembled a 6900, i was unsure if a gold spring was missing from a location shown in the pic? either way i never got the back light to work with or without the spring. But thought you would like to see the pics. BTW i have seen one or two Fox fire 6900's with faulty illuminators since. would anyone be willing to donate parts for a transplant? I can trade..  

Photo's Credit for "RedEye" - WUS Forum
Source : DW-6900 Surgery-Guts And Vital Organs Exposed

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