PRW3000 from a G-Shocker's perspective - A little review.....

PRW3000 from a G-Shocker's perspective

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"Why should I care about a ProTrek?", "Why isn't this in that other forum?". Easy, easy, we're all friends here. 

So I bought a ProTrek. This is my first ABC (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass) watch, and while I have been posting in the ABC forum, my perspective is purely G-Shock. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who wants to know in general how ProTreks are different to G-Shocks. And this watch is actually very important to us. Definitely not suggesting anyone go out and buy it unless they really like it, I got it because of the tech coming down the pipe.

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And I like orange 

In all seriousness this is the first full version 3 watch. "Version 3?". Version 3 as far as the sensors for the Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. What Casio accomplished is huge drops in physical size (on the order of 90% in some cases) and in power draw (again, 95% in some cases), and the need for external sensors. The GWA1100 actually showed up a couple weeks earlier with the Compass module, this one is the full monte. Since I'm into tech, I thought I'd use this as an excuse to get my first ProTrek.

So what's the advantage of all this stuff? Well with the drop in size means easier packaging.

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It also means Casio can use less solar panel area (and/or not need to invest in new tech in solar)

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Just the outer ring of solar and this is an atomic model to boot. What it means also is on the non-solar models Casio can drop down in battery size for even less bulk, or maintain the battery size and have an increased life span. Make no mistake, this one is only the first.

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And this will come into the G-shocks as well. Essentially any G-Shock with any of these functions or combination of functions should be getting a revamp to incorporate this tech. That is why I got it, to see what is coming.

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DW5030c on the left, GA100 on the right. Let me nip this in the bud: the GA100 is the same size as the GA110/120/150 and the GD's as well. I picked these two G's for size comparison and color differentiation.

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Hope this helps. The ProTrek group just has different ideas about the same things. See how the guards around the buttons envelope the entire button? Look at the ProTrek again.

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The ProTrek group is more worried about your wrist or jacket depressing a button than anything else. I saw the dust right after I shot the picture.

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I've gotten into outdoor (natural lighting) and indoor shots to help with real world coloration.

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Did you notice the wings? I didn't even after my first day wearing the watch! But there they are, plain as day! Much smaller scale than on the G-Shocks 

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And they do the same thing, but on a smaller scale because they are on a smaller scale

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Flat top wrist, 7.5". You can guess what is coming. Another day, I've been putting this review off long enough. Ready for something interesting?

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Inside above, outside below

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The only "normal" GShock I have with a serial # and batch # is the GW5000! I don't know if this is normal for ProTreks or not.

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10bar water resistance? That is an odd #. But I guess 20 is as well.

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Made in Thailand

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Module 3414

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Why does the Mode side have 3 pieces? The middle one is a bumper!

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From a different angle

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Because of the 2 little screws, it reminds me of Toe Sliders on motorcycle boots, or lugs/treads on the bottom of mtb shoes.

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See that tine?

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It is through the strap, I'm gonna hit this more later, but just notice for now.

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Because of the wing underneath, the strap really doesn't move much around the screw. Also notice the shock absorbing ridges on the strap are missing. Actually the strap isn't resin!

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I forgot what it is made of, but it is comfortable.

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I like how the pro trek is molded in. And that buckle with it's satin sheen! Very nice.

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Surprisingly, the straps are from Japan.

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Side note: I think you can see what a big effect lighting has on the watch. Or at least the buckle in the last two photos!
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Yeah, yeah, yeah, so what does it do?

Well, I'm gonna keep it simple for now. Let's start with the timekeeping screen: It can have month day in the top

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Day of the week and day of the month

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Or, my favorite, the Barometer trend.

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From here we can dive into the functions on the right. I'll start with the Barometer screen

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Notice there is no time on this screen? I think it is because you can have the Baro trend on the time screen, so you only dive here when you need more info. This watch is equipped with a Barometer alert which is goes off if there is some Big Barometer drop of unspecified amount. You need to turn it on, and it is "live" for 24 hours.

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The Compass screen. I'm gonna point one thing out that seemed to have a lot of people in a tizzy. As long as you don't set Tokyo as your Home City, you can pick your units (imperial or metric) individually for each of these functions. No, it is NOT 68C in Hawaii 

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Hit that "Comp" button again and you end up here. Notice the time was on both of these screens. You will also notice it on the Altimeter screens.

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Yeah, I need to re-set my altitude  You are just gonna have to trust me on this, I can see the water, and I am above it. 

I'm looking to come back to this thread to "fill" out a lot more of the functions, what is here, what isn't, and a few other pieces, so stay tuned, but give me some time!

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Just throwing up my "leftover" photos that were decent. Battery level next

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And another wrist shot.

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.. Good Reviews and Really Great Shot at PRW-3000...


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