The President and G-Shock...

Who said that the G-Shock 

does not combine well with a suit and tie?

You all know Dmitry Medvedev. Is the current President of the Russian government, and was the President of the Russian Federation. That is, along with Vladimir Putin, the most visible head, the highest position of the Russian government. For just appeared on television during the debate on the Russian Antimonopoly Service. Do not you see anything unusual? I refer to your wrist. Indeed, wearing a spectacular G-Shock GA-110HC-1A (model, recall, dual, blue and magnetically reversed.) Remember that Medvedev has among its luxury watches, a Patek Philippe (which is a brand Swiss luxury watch), and certainly can be-or-buy any watch he pleases. And while in some other part have seen some criticism for allegedly wearing a watch "sport" suit, from here it does not seem too bad. On the contrary, seems a great idea and, in my point of view, it looks great with the dark blue robe.

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