CASIO milestones in watch development

2012: G-SHOCK with analogue display

GAC-100-SerieThe G-SHOCK GAC-100 series proves that it is possible to achieve absolute toughness in a fully analogue watch. The screw lock crown, in particular, ensures that these G-SHOCK chronographs are shockproof and waterproof to the required standard.

2011: Smart Access EQW-A1000DB

EQW-A1000DBFive independent motors move the hour, minute and second hands, as well as the large disk indicator and the date indicator. The result: Whenever you change function, all the hands and indicators move immediately into position so that the function can be started. Another highlight is the electronic crown with magnetic sensor. This feature allows quick access to all the important features and enables the hands to be set easily at the touch of a button.

2011: Innovation in the most compact format possible

PRW-5100The PRW-5100 is designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to innovative technology, the hands can be used to communicate information from functions such as the altimeter, barometer, thermometer and digital compass, so they don't merely tell the time — they have a multitude of functions. An invisible solar field and integrated aerials ensure that the radio-controlled watch always shows the exact time.

2010: G-SHOCK — the watch for pilots

GW-3000BD-1AERThe GW-3000BD-1AER was developed in collaboration with pilots. The requirements for the watch included a large, easy-to-read watch face, high-quality materials, a simple operating concept and, of course, the ability to withstand the shock of gravitational dropping forces. As you would expect, the Gravity Defier series is also waterproof up to 20 bar, solar-powered and always shows the exact time thanks to the Multiband 6 radio signal receiver.

2009: Baby-G for young women

MSG-301CBaby-G comes of age with the launch of the MSG-301C. The high-quality materials and the rhinestone index make one thing crystal clear — Baby-G now caters for young women, too. But even with this new grown-up look, the brand has lost none of its youthful charm. The MSG-301C boasts the same robust, multi-functional design as always, as well as stopwatch, world time and alarm functions.

2008: 25 years of G-SHOCK

G-9025AFor its 25th birthday, the cult brand G-SHOCK "shocked" the world with an exclusive birthday party in New York. Hundreds of G-SHOCK fans from the fields of media and commerce came to celebrate the cult label. The American graffiti artist Eric Haze as well as the film director Spike Lee created their own exclusive G-SHOCK model. DJ Cassidy and rapper Kanye West provided the musical entertainment.

2007: PRO TREK – the miracle of slim design

PRO TREK PRW-1300T-7VERJust 11.6 mm thick and weighing 97 grams, the PRO TREK PRW-1300T-7VER "Dunagiri" offers the perfect combination of slim design and innovative technology and comes equipped with a digital compass, altimeter and barometer. The watch also offers solar technology as well as a Multiband 5 radio signal receiver and is watertight up to 10 bars.

2006: Wave Ceptor with new radio technology

WV-M400DE-7ERThe Wave Ceptor radio watch WV-M400DE-7ER is driven by the power of the sun and always shows the exact time. This model also has Multiband 5 technology, which guarantees radio reception in many parts of Europe, Japan and the USA as well as Mexico and Canada. A real highlight - just like the 8.5 mm thick design and the high-quality stainless steel casing.

2005: increased radio signal reception

WVA-430DE-1AVERWhether in Germany or many parts of Europe, the men's radio watch WVA-430DE-1AVER receives the appropriate radio signal and always shows the exact time. In addition to a stop watch function and worldwide time, the watch is also equipped with state-of-the-art solar technology.

2004: With a thickness of 7 mm, the flattest radio watch from CASIO

WVH-100D-1AERReliability and precision guaranteed: the radio watch WVH-100D-1AER in smart stainless steel, the WVH-100D-1AER radio watch combines technical functions in the smallest space - the model is just 7 mm thick and comes equipped with "Tough Solar" and a radio signal receiver.

2003: "The G" - Radio controlled and Solar Powered G-SHOCK

MTG-930The Ultimate G-SHOCK! You never have to change a battery again thanks to the Tough Solar System. And the watch being radio controlled,you never have to set your watch again. Indestructable due to the special G-SHOCK housing. Nothing's tougher.

2002: Solar powered PRO TREK (special Outdoor Functions)

PRG-50All of our watches with outdoor functions are, thanks to our revolutionary Tough Solar System, all solar powered. Optimal for all outdoor enthusiasts.

2001: SEA-PATHFINDER - The Ultimate Highlight Combination

SPF-40The SPF-40 delivers helpful functions for the deep sea fisher and open sea sailor: digital compass, barometer, thermometer, ebb and flow indicator, lunar calendar function and yacht timer.

2000: Wrist Audio Player - the first watch with an MP3 player function

Wrist Audio PlayerCASIO is the first manufacturer to succesfully reduce the dimensions of an MP3 player to a size small enough to fit into a wrist watch. The Wrist Audio Player weights only 70 gramms and is a digital dream for the wrist.

2000: Wrist Camera- first wrist watch with a digital camera

Wrist CameraOne innovation was not enough. Once again with a world first, CASIO introduces the first wrist watch with an integrated digital camera. This new Wrist Camera is feather light with 32 gramms and a veritable digital sensation for the wrist.

1999: PC- UNITE (Infrared communication with a PC)

HBX-100B-1The first PC-watch with two way infrared port. The HBX-100B-1 is a technical master piece, that unites the functions of a PC, a filofax and a databank onto your wrist.

1998: PRO TREK (Special Outdoor Functions)

PRT-40With the PRT-40, CASIO delivers a multifunctional watch with special functions for outdoor enthusiasts. From now on you can have your compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer on your wrist.

1997: The first Baby-G series

BG-320B-2VFinally one for the girls! A watch model for small delicate wrists. The BG-320B-2V is as tough and mutlifunctional as the G-SHOCK

1995: Radio controlled watches with analog and digital display

FKT-100This radio controlled watch automatically adjusts the watch to the correct time (+/- 1 second per million year) as well as adjusting automatically for daylight saving time.


CMD-40With its introduction in 1994, the remote control watch CMD-40 allows control of various TV's, video players and stereo devices.

1993: Measure your pulse in an instant

BP-100Simply place two fingers on the integrated sensor and the current pulse frequency and blood pressure appear on the display.

1992: Diving watch for professional use

DEP-600A multisensor reliably informs you about the water temperature, current diving time and diving depth.

1991: Databank with touch screen

VDB-1000Simply point to the function you wish to use and touch the screen. The display enables access to a telephone book, an organizer,a notepad or an 8 digit calculator.

1989: Analog-digital watch with electronic barometer, altimeter and bathometer

ARW-320Wether high up or down low, with the ARW-320 you always know at which height or depth you are.

1987: Solar powered watch with digital display

AL-180Due to the integrated solar technology, the AL-180 makes battery changes unnecessary.

1983: First G-SHOCK watch: DW-5000C-1A

DW-5000C-1AA Revolution. CASIO engineers a watch that is intelligent, multifunctional, durable and shock resistant. This is the beginning of the G-SHOCK series of watches that are water,dust, mud, and magnetic resistant.

1982: Combination digital-analog wristwatch.

AQ-10CASIO introduces the first combination digital-analog watch on the market.

1981: Digital wristwatches with built in calculator

C-60Within reach at all times. A built in calculator for use in various everyday situations.

1974: First wristwatch with digital display

CASIOTRONNew Time era: In 1974, CASIO presents the first wristwatches with digital displays. The watches are introduced onto the market with the name CASIOTRON.

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