GPW-2000 New G-Shock GravityMaster with GPS

On March 1, Casio Computer announced the GRAVITY MASTER "GPW - 2000" of the MASTER OF G series as a new product of the impact watch "G - SHOCK". It is on sale from May 19th, and the taxed price is 100,000 yen.
GPW-2000 is equipped with a newly developed module " Connected Engine 3-way ". It was equipped with three time acquisition systems, the world's first (Casio survey), standard radio waves, GPS radio waves, time server connection via smartphone.
The clock body contains information on world time and daylight saving time. By connecting to the smartphone via Bluetooth and communicating with the server on the Internet via the smartphone, the summer time information inside the clock is always updated to the latest state.
As a result, even countries with new daylight saving time introduced, even countries with summer time discontinued can be reflected in built-in information. The corresponding OS of smartphone application is iOS 10 or more, Android 6.0 or more.
Three types of color variations
GRAVITY MASTER of the MASTER OF G series is a G - SHOCK of a pilot watch based on "air" concept. In the GPW - 2000 this time, I expressed the world view in terms of design and performance.
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Dialogue displays motif of the aircraft as a motif and displays the latitude from the acquired position information as a 9 o'clock side in dial and a long window on the 6 o'clock side. Also, when you press the button on the watch side, the point information of the place is transferred to the smartphone together with the time information. On the map of smartphone application, "Flight log function" which places the point + time and connects the route is carried.
Screen of smartphone application (under development). The world time of the clock can be set merely by selecting a city from the map on the screen (about 300 cities)
As hardware, I do not use screws as parts to fix bands. This is because the screw loosens due to vibration. Instead of screws, a bistle system was adopted, in which the band was fixed with a fine resin shaft seal cover and a fine resin part filled with carbon fiber. In addition, "TRIPLE G RESIST" unique to GRAVITY MASTER (shock-resistant / endurance-resistant gravity / vibration-proof) is also installed. T-shock "tough" in all aspects such as structure, function, design.
Main specifications of GPW-2000 (click to enlarge)

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